A change in the law that requires all vehicles to have dash cams fitted would make drivers feel safer behind the wheel, according to an Opinium survey of 2000 UK Car owners.

dash cam fitted on car windscreen

Just over a quarter (26%) said that the dashboard cameras that are mandatory for many businesses and can record any incidences should they occur, would make the roads safer if everyone had one fitted by law.

The survey revealed that 14% of drivers already have a dash cam in their car and a further 29% would like one. Men are more likely to have one on board (19%), compared to 10% of women.

A third (32%) of car owners surveyed think that all vehicles should be fitted with a dash cam, and 23% said they believe that as more and more people use them, there will be less incidences of dangerous driving on the roads.

Another advantage of having a dash cam fitted should be lower insurance premiums, with over a third (35%) of respondents agreeing that their car insurance should decrease if a dash cam is in use.

A benefit to society-at-large is the third (33%) of car owners who would submit footage of dangerous driving or an incident recorded on their dash cam to the police, however only a small percentage (6%) said that seeing a dash cam makes them think more about how they’re driving.

Unsurprisingly, car owners are also unconcerned with being filmed by a dash cam, with only 7% saying the technology is an invasion of privacy.

Ben Wooltorton, Chief Operating Office at InsuretheGap.com, said: “A dashcam is the equivalent of an independent witness. As well as helping to prove non-fault in an accident situation, its footage can also protect against possible fraudulent claims. More and more car insurance companies are also offering a discount to vehicles with dash cams and dash cam evidence can also speed up insurance claims.”