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Daily Car Maintenance Checklist

by Spreet Aulakh 17th May 2018

To help keep your car on the road, we have complied a guide showing you how you can look after your own car on the regular with some simple DIY maintenance checks.

Daily Checks

Daily car checks table

Weekly Checks

Weekly car checks table

Bi-Monthly Checks

Bi-monthly car checks table

Additional things to look out for:

  • Power steering – About once a year (max) check that the power steering fluid level remains consistent with no decrease in levels. It is unlikely to have dropped, but it is always good to check.
  • Brake fluid reservoir – Although a vital component, it needs only to be checked once a year. You want to have a safe level of hydraulic brake fluid, with levels sitting as close to the full mark as possible. If you know that your brake pads are significantly worn, it is worth a quick check in case top up is needed.
  • Mud and dirt – Dirt sticks, and the longer it remains settled on your car, the faster it will begin to corrode the clear coat of paint, until it eventually reaches the metal base – this is when the rusting begins! To avoid this, try to wash and wax your car as often as needed. A washed car means your mirrors are sparkling clean and your vehicle registration plate is always visible.
  • Bird poo! - Not only is this an unpleasant sight, it is highly acidic and will quickly damage the paint job if it isn’t cleaned soon. So as soon as you discover any, be sure to grab a wet cloth and start scrubbing!

These systematic checks should be carried out before you set off on your journey. Whether it’s just a quick visit to the local shop or a lengthy commute to work, a few minutes of inspection could save you a few hundreds of pounds in future repair costs.

For more details specific to your own vehicle, you can refer to your vehicle owner’s manual. If you don’t have one or can’t find it, you can search and download an online version for your vehicle for free. GAP Insurance quote

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