Frustration and driving often go hand in hand, but what makes drivers see red the most? We
surveyed our customers to find out what drives them around the bend!
A frustrated driver


Frustration and driving often go hand in hand, but what makes drivers see red the most? We surveyed our customers to find out what drives them around the bend!

We surveyed over 750 customers and first off, just under two-thirds (63%) find themselves “frequently frustrated” by other road users, 34% find themselves ‘rarely’ being frustrated, and (4%) ‘Always’.

The number one frustration when driving was potholes, with (65%) of respondents citing this. Not far behind with just over half (55%) was ‘tailgating’, and ‘A motorway middle lane hogger’ gathered 54% of the vote. ‘Other’ responses included:

  • Selfish drivers

  • Drivers taking a long time to exit from a junction

  • Outside lane hogging

  • Drivers who don’t give way when you are clearly indicating and waiting to change lanes

We then went on to ask the database what actions by other drivers make them angry. ‘Tailgating’ led the way with 50% of the votes. ‘Other drivers using a mobile phone’ and ‘pulling in or turning without using indicators’ had just under half the votes with 46%. Just over a third (34%) are guilty of doing some of these actions themselves!

Other’ responses included:

  • Hogging the middle lane on the motorway

  • People who flash at night, to say thank you – it dazzles instead

  • Middle lane hogging

  • Lorries blocking traffic by overtaking on two-lane dual carriageway

Sometimes we respond in anger to another road user’s actions, and 71% admitted to beeping their car horns in frustration. Flashing lights (64%) and Gesturing at another driver (41%) were common reactions by road users. 5% of respondents performed a ‘revenge manourve’ in response to another road user’s actions and 1% have physically confronted someone!

Other’ responses included:

  • Written to their employer

  • Rang a van driver’s boss to inform him of bad driving

  • Left polite note on the windscreen when causing obstruction or blocking the driveway

35% have been a victim of a road rage incident, with two-thirds (66%) revealing verbal abuse as what they experienced. 38% of respondents reveal they have been brake tested, with 10% being subject to physical abuse. 7% of respondents have had their cars damaged by other drivers as a result of road rage.

91% of these road rage incidents occurred in the United Kingdom, however, 9% happened in countries such as Ireland, Malta, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain.

Ben Wooltorton at, said: “We’ve all been irritated by the driver who refuses to queue patiently and cuts in at the last minute, or the one who won’t let you into their lane even though traffic is being held up whilst you are waiting. When faced with these situations, it’s far better to keep a cool head than getting revved up, not least because you could be the one who ends up being punished for it. Engaging in hand gestures at another driver could be deemed ‘losing control of the vehicle’ with the potential of a £1,000 penalty fine. Also, according to the Highway Code the car’s horn is to alert to an on-coming danger only, so you’re risking a £30 on the spot fine if it’s abused.”

He continues: “What also infuriates drivers is if their car is written off, or stolen, and the insurance company only pays out what it is worth at the time, not what they paid for it. This can potentially leave drivers thousands of pounds out of pocket. This is where GAP insurance can help, with cover from InsuretheGap usually costing a fraction of the price of the cover offered by the car dealerships.”

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InsuretheGap surveyed 750 UK drivers online on 24 April 2023.