More than three quarters (79%) of UK drivers think that having a car is essential for their everyday life, rising to 85% of those in rural areas, according to a new Opinion* survey of 2,000 UK drivers.

driving a car on a road

The survey, which was commissioned by, a provider of Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP insurance) for new and second-hand cars, reveals that 57% of those aged under 65 could not get to work without a car, rising to almost 60% of under 34s.

Nine out of ten (90%) drivers living in the West Midlands say their car is essential, closely followed by Wales (88%), while Londoners (64%) are the least likely to find a car essential (64%).

The survey also found that public transport is not a suitable replacement for a car for many. Almost half (48%) say public transport in their area is not reliable or is patchy, rising to 69% in rural areas, while only 29% of Londoners feel this. Again those under 34 (61%) are the most likely to agree that public transport is not reliable.

Ben Wooltorton, Chief Operating Office of said: Owning a car is an absolute necessity for many people, particularly those who live in rural areas and where public transport can’t be relied upon. When over half of people need a car just to get to work, we aren’t going to be consigning cars to the past quite yet.

*Research was conducted online by Opinium research amongst 2,000 adults who drive and have owned a car between 22 – 28 January 2019.