From eating their breakfast, to singing at the top of their voice, ducking when they go under a bridge or a low obstacle, and breathing in when going through a tight space, UK drivers do strange things in their cars

woman singing woman covering her ears in car

Almost one in five (17%) can be found munching on a quick snack when they are in the car, with under 34s (32%) and those in the East Midlands (22%) and London (20%) the most likely to chomp at the wheel.

Singing at the top of their voice is also a pastime for almost one in ten (9%) drivers, with women the most likely to warble in their car (6% male v 12% female).

And despite defying any logic, 15% of drivers also duck when they go under a bridge or a low obstacle or breathe in going through a tight space (8% male v 23% female).

The Opinium survey* of over 2000 UK drivers, commissioned by InsuretheGap, a leading supplier of Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance for new and used cars, found that 17% of drivers see the car as a place where they can escape from the everyday stresses of life, so maybe it is no surprise that they do things they would not do in company.

However, a worrying 18% of under 35s will glance at messages arriving on their phone when they are driving (6% in total).

Ben Wooltorton, Chief Operating Office at, said: “When you’re in your car, you’re in your own bubble and can do things that maybe you wouldn’t do if you thought people were watching or listening!”

*Research was conducted online by Opinium research amongst 2,001 adults who drive and have owned a car between 10 – 15 January 2018.