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Top car salesmen phrases and what they really mean

by Andrew Segal 23rd November 2017

"One careful lady owner" - No idea who owned it, but this line usually works

"I'm losing money on this" - No one wants this car and it's taking up valuable space

"First to see will buy" - Hopefully the first person to see it doesn't know anything about cars

"Special offer for today only" - And tomorrow, and the next day, until I sell it

"Ex-director's car" - Has more miles on the clock than a National Express coach

"Comes with all the extras" - Which hopefully distract you from the dodgy brakes

"Everyone takes an extended warranty" - I get a bonus if I sell an extended warranty

"I've had three people express an interest already" - If that doesn't make you panic buy, nothing will

"Talk it over with your partner" - Show them who-'s in charge and buy this car

"Any problems, bring it straight back" - Because I'll be on the beach in Spain