For many, a car is more than just a means of transport. Often, extra time and serious investment is put towards maintaining a car that is truly loved. We surveyed our customers to see how much they really love their cars to see if it’s a match made in heaven, or a relationship of convenience.

Love letter attached to car windscreen)


For many, naming their car is important and a fifth of our respondents are no different. 20% of our customers have a name or term of endearment for their car including ‘Old Girl’, ‘The Beast’, ‘Super Cooper’, and ‘The Millennium Falcon’.

We then went on to ask our customers to describe the relationship they have with their car, and almost a fifth (17%) described their relationship as ‘Till Death Do Us Part’. Close behind was ‘Relationship of Convenience’ at 16%, and the millennial term ‘Friends with Benefits’ at 14%! 8% of respondents said they were ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ to their car - we promise to not share this with their partner ?.

Many run out of superlatives to describe their car, and this showed when the most popular adjective, with well over half (62%), describing their car as ‘Reliable’. Additionally, 58% described their car as ‘Practical’, with other adjectives such as ‘Trustworthy’, ‘Convenient’, and ‘Noisy’ all close behind.

Now to describe what they loved about their cars when first purchasing, and 60% loved the ‘Overall Appearance’, whilst 56% loved “The Way it Drove” and 43% loved ‘Its Size’. “Past Owner’s Reviews” seemed to not matter as only 8% of respondents said this is what they loved about their car when first purchasing it. ‘Other’ factors included:

  • Always fancied a convertible and the family had flown the nest”

  • Soft top - open to the fresh air”

  • It was new with THAT smell!”

  • Just what we wanted and once my wife sat in it - it was sold!”

We also asked our customers what they would change about their car if they had the chance, however, over a third (34%) said their car was ‘Perfect’ and they wouldn’t change anything about it. Other popular responses included ‘Age’ with under a fifth (18%) citing that as something they would change. ‘Other’ changes included;

  • Front engine, not rear”

  • I would have leather seats instead of fabric”

Now onto the big one, the one that can send you to the dog house. We wanted to find out whether or not Brits love their car as much, or more than their partner. Just under a quarter (21%) of customers risked sleeping on the sofa as they confessed they love their car as much as they love their partner! We also asked our customers if they loved their car more than their partners, with 8% saying yes, we repeat, 8% said yes.

When explaining why they love their car as much or more than their partners, a third (33%) said it’s because their car ‘makes them happy’, whilst 31% said it ‘never lets them down’. Just under a fifth (18%) said they loved their car as much as their partner because they ‘don’t have to buy their car a Valentine’s Day gift’ and that ‘it doesn’t answer back’.

Other reasons included:

  • She's a perfect companion on a long journey”

  • It's environmentally friendly”

  • It helps me reach happy times-places &friends”

Whether it’s a BMW, Skoda, Hyundai, or Audi, It’s clear to see that UK drivers have a distinct love for their cars. For many, they are more than just a tool to get from A to B, they are a safe haven away from the stresses of everyday life and for some, it’s a lifestyle. Cars bring joy to many and it’s clear that UK drivers and their cars are a match made in heaven.

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