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1. How do I submit a claim and who do I contact?

In the event of a claim please contact the Claims Handler and have Your Certificate of Insurance and vehicle registration number to hand.

Online: www.InsuretheGap.com/defendgapclaims
By telephone: 0161 451 4808
By e-mail: insurethegap@defendinsurance.co.uk

IMPORTANT: You must contact the Claims Handler prior to accepting any Motor Insurance Settlement.

The Claims Handler will then inform you of the documentation they require in order to process your claim.

Please note that information the Claims Handler may reasonably require must be received within ninety (90) days of the Date of Loss of the Insured Vehicle. If it isn’t, the Claims Handler will attempt to assess Your claim however it may be difficult for them to investigate and settle Your claim adequately.

2. Whose name do I put the policy in?

The policy holder should be in the name of the registered keeper and/or owner of the vehicle, and the name listed on the V5 document.

If the vehicle has been purchased on finance by another party for someone else, the policy will still need to be in the name of the registered keeper and/or owner of the vehicle. Additional drivers covered on the main motor insurance policy will be covered by standard under your GAP policy.

3. I can’t find my model when purchasing a policy?

We obtain all vehicle data from the DVLA, however sometimes the exact model cannot be located. If this is the case, please select the closest model to your new vehicle, and once the policy is purchased contact our customer service department via email at customerservice@insurethegap.com with the correct details.

We will then email through the supporting documents with your correct details.

4. Which amount do I enter as the purchase price?

This is the price you paid for the car after discount but before any deposit or part exchange allowances. Any manufacturer’s extras should also be included in this price (dealer fitted options are not included).

5. Can I renew my policy?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the ability to renew your policy, we offer our policies for lengths between 12 and 60 months. If you have recently purchased a new vehicle and require new cover, please generate a quote here.

6. Do you cover leased vehicles?

Yes, our Lease/Contract Hire GAP policy provides cover for lease vehicles.

7. What is GAP insurance?

GAP insurance stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance. GAP insurance bridges the gap between the price you paid for your vehicle at the outset compared with the amount you receive from your insurer as a claims settlement.

In the event of a write off or theft, your motor insurer will only reimburse you the current market value of the vehicle - not what you paid for it. As a result, you could find yourself in one of the following predicaments as a result of vehicle depreciation:

  • If you paid for the vehicle in cash...

    You could be £000s worse off due to the gap left between what you paid for the vehicle and its market value at the time of a claim due to depreciation.

  • If you paid for the vehicle using a bank loan or on finance...

    You could be left liable to pay any outstanding finance on the vehicle or still have a balance on your loan to pay. This is because vehicles usually depreciate more quickly than the capital is repaid via finance agreements, particularly in the early years.

  • If your vehicle is on contract hire...

    Similar to the scenario above, you'd still be left on the hook to honour your lease agreement and pay the outstanding finance on the vehicle, even if you chose not to receive a replacement vehicle.

8. Why take out GAP insurance? / How would GAP insurance benefit me?


  • Let's say you bought a new car for £10,000 and decided to buy Return to Invoice GAP insurance from InsuretheGap rather than the car dealership.
  • Three years on, your car is now worth £6,000 due to depreciation.
  • Your car is stolen and is never recovered.
  • Your motor insurer will only pay £6,000 (current market value) in settlement, leaving you with a shortfall of £4,000.
  • Your Return to Invoice InsuretheGap policy would reimburse the £4,000 gap for a fraction of the cost you would have been charged by the car dealership.
  • Contribution towards your comprehensive insurance excess - provides £250 as standard

9. What different types of GAP insurance are available through InsuretheGap?

InsuretheGap offer a wide range of GAP insurance policies to cover a range of purchase agreements:

Return to Invoice GAP Insurance

This cover will pay the difference between the current market value of the vehicle and the net invoice price of the insured vehicle.

  • Suitable option if car purchased using cash or a bank loan.
  • Also suitable for vehicles purchased using finance

Visit for more information on Return to Invoice GAP Insurance

Finance GAP Insurance

Pays the difference between the current market value of the vehicle and the net balance payable to the finance company at the time of the loss

  • Suitable if financed using HP, PCP or CS

Visit for more information on Return to Finance GAP Insurance

Combined Total Loss GAP

Pays the greater of the difference between...

The current market value of the vehicle and the net invoice price of the insured vehicle
The difference between the current market value and the net balance.

  • Suitable if purchase financed using HP, PCP or CS

Visit for more information on Combined Total Loss GAP Insurance

Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance

Helps to protect you against the risk that the car you want to replace is now more expensive to buy than it was when you made your original purchase.

  • Suitable if financed using HP, PCP or CS

Visit for more information on Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance

Lease/Contract Hire GAP Insurance

Covers the difference between your motor insurance pay out and any outstanding finance you may owe the vehicle provider.

  • Suitable to those who hire a vehicle using a lease or contract hire agreement

Visit for more information on Lease/Contract Hire GAP Insurance

10. What vehicle types do InsuretheGap cover?

InsuretheGap offer a range of products that cover cars, vans and motorbikes. We cover vehicles up to the market value of £150,000 and unlike many GAP Insurance providers, we have no restrictions on performance vehicles.

What vehicle types are not covered?

  • Vehicles over 3.5 GWT.
  • Vehicles that exceed the maximum vehicle price as stated on your Certificate of Insurance.
  • Vehicles previously written off by an insurer.
  • Vehicles used in a public service capacity at any time (i.e. ambulances, police cars or military vehicles).
  • Vehicles used for competitive racing, track days, off road use, reliability tests or speed testing.
  • Any vehicle modified other than in accordance with the manufacturers specifications aren't covered.
  • Any Imported vehicles or vehicles that are not right hand drive.
  • Grey Imports, emergency vehicles, taxis, courier vehicles, buses, minibuses, coaches, trucks, motor homes, trailers, heavy goods vehicles, licensed private hire vehicles, daily rental vehicles, any motorcycles and breakdown and recovery vehicles.
  • Vehicles used for hire and reward, driving school tuition, chauffeuring, road racing, track days (timed or untimed), rallying, pace-making, speed testing or any other competitive event.
  • Any vehicle that has been Modified after the purchase date.

Please view the policy wording for full details on all exclusions

11. What other conditions must be met to be eligible for cover?

  1. Comprehensive motor insurance must be in place for the duration of the policy
  2. The policyholder must own the vehicle and/or be the registered keeper
  3. Policyholder must be permanent UK resident. In the case of a corporate body, the corporation must be registered in the UK.
  4. The vehicle must be used principally within the UK
  5. All insured drivers must have a valid UK licence or an internationally recognised driving licence.
  6. You must not be or be directly related to a motor trader, garage or associated company, the proprietor of such or an employee of such.
  7. Customers must be 18 years old or older on day of policy inception.

Please review the policy wording for full details on all exclusions.

12. Does GAP Insurance cover excess charges from my main insurer?

Yes. If you suffer a total loss and claim on your InsuretheGap policy, it will cover up to £250 in excess charges as standard.

13. Are all named drivers covered?

Yes. All named drivers included on your motor insurance policy are covered under your GAP insurance policy.

14. How long will it take to settle a claim?

On average our claims are settled within 14 days.

15. Are there administration charges if I need to change my details?

Yes, whilst we have made every effort to keep our charges to a minimum, if you ask us to make changes to your policy in the future you may incur some additional charges.

If you ask us to make a change to your certificate of insurance due to a change of personal details you will incur a £10 administration fee.

If you cancel your policy after 30 days from the start of your policy, you will be entitled to a pro rata refund minus a £35 administration fee.

Please consult the website terms and conditions and your policy documents for more information.

To change your details, please contact our customer service department at customerservice@insurethegap.com for assistance with your changes.

16. What happens if I change my car earlier than I originally planned?

If your need to make a change to your policy, please contact our customer service team on customerservice@insurethegap.com

17. Do I need to pay in full or can I pay in installments?

All our policies require the premium to be paid in full in order for cover to be in place.

18. Is there a cooling off period? / What happens if I want to cancel?

You have a cooling off period of 30 days from the date you purchase the insurance, provided you are not intending to submit a claim, or have already submitted a claim. You will be entitled to a full refund within the 30 day cooling off period.

Anyone wishing to cancel after the cooling off period will be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the premium, minus a £35 administration fee.

19. What is the maximum market value covered under our policies?

The maximum vehicle value we cover under our policies is £150,000.

20. What is the upper sum insured limit on an Insurethegap policy?

The upper sum insured limit on an InsuretheGap policy is £50,000. The sum insured varies by policy type, and based on the value of the vehicle that is being purchased. Please get a quote to see the level of cover that applies to your product choice and vehicle.

21. Who are your policies underwritten by?

InsuretheGap policies are underwritten by Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Ltd UK Branch, a branch of Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Ltd (Financial Conduct Authority registration number 805770). Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Ltd has its registered office and principal place of business at Office 13, SOHO Office The Strand, Fawwara Building, Triq I-Imsida, Gzira, GZR 1401, Malta (Malta Company registration number C 84703), is authorised under the Insurance Business Act 1998 of the laws of Malta to carry out general business of insurance, and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority of Triq l-Imdina, Zone 1, Central Business District, Birkirkara, CBD 1010, Malta. Together with its UK Branch, Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Ltd is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority, is subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority, and limited regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority. Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Ltd has a registered branch in the UK with its registered address at Fifth Floor, 20 Fenchurch Street, London, United Kingdom, EC3M 3BY (UK Branch registration number BR021916). Details about the extent of our regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority are available from us on request. Annual reports on our solvency and financial position can be found at https://www.fortegra.eu/solvency-and-financial-condition-report.

22. What are your minimum and maximum policy terms?

InsuretheGap policies can cover a minimum term of 12 to 60 months depending on your requirements and the type of policy selected. Simply select the length of cover you require when generating a quote to see how the length of cover affects the policy price.