What is GAP Insurance?
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I submit a claim and who do I contact?

2. Whose name do I put the policy in?

3. I can’t find my model when purchasing a policy?

4. Which amount do I enter as the purchase price?

5. Can I renew my policy?

6. Do cover leased vehicles?

7. What is GAP insurance?

8. Why take out GAP insurance? / How would GAP insurance benefit me?

9. What different types of GAP insurance are available through InsuretheGap?

10. What vehicle types do InsuretheGap cover?

11. What other conditions must be met to be eligible for cover?

12. Does GAP Insurance cover excess charges from my main insurer?

13. Are all named drivers covered?

14. How long will it take to settle a claim?

15. Are there administration charges if I need to change my details?

16. What happens if I change my car earlier than I originally planned?

17. Do I need to pay in full or can I pay in installments?

18. Is there a cooling off period? / What happens if I want to cancel?

19. What is the maximum market value covered under our policies?

20. What is the upper sum insured limit on an Insurethegap policy?

21. Who are your policies underwritten by?

22. What are your minimum and maximum policy terms?