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GAP Insurance for Nissan

If you’ve recently purchased a Nissan, whether using a finance package or not, then we could help you save a significant amount of money with our comprehensive, low-cost GAP Insurance, compared to taking GAP Insurance from your Nissan dealer.

Our Key Features

  • Provides combined GAP protection for up to 4 years.

  • Pays £250 standard excess towards your comprehensive insurance.

  • Pays the gap between the invoice price of the vehicle, or the balance of outstanding finance: whichever is greater.

  • Available for private and business use.

If your Nissan is written off as a result of collision or theft, your motor insurer will usually pay out the amount that is equal to your vehicle’s current market value (not the amount which you originally paid for your car). This leaves you with a ‘GAP’ to pay, potentially leaving you thousands of pounds out of pocket.

GAP Insurance is designed to cover the difference (pay the GAP) between your motor insurer’s settlement and the price which you paid for your new car. If you have purchased your Nissan with a finance agreement, GAP Insurance can also help pay off your outstanding finance on your car. Don’t want to take the risk? Get your Nissan GAP Insurance quote today.

GAP Insurance for Nissan explained

Cost of vehicle £25,000

Insurance Pays £15,000

GAP Pays £10,000

Nissan GAP Insurance
With GAP Insurance you get the full £25,000

Japanese automobile manufacturer, Nissan is globally recognised as a producer of reliable, tech-savvy and economical vehicles. Their first all-electric, series production vehicle was the Nissan Leaf which was one of the best-selling electric vehicles in world. As well as successfully producing mass-market affordable cars, Nissan’s Infiniti brand holds their luxury vehicle division, with hybrid models starting at £43,000. .

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  • Policy options for new or used vehicle finance arrangements
  • Regularly more affordable than policies from car dealers & traders
  • Ideal for vehicles valued up to £150,000
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Nissan Did you know?

  • In 1970, Nissan built rocket engines for the Lambda 4S-5 spacecraft - Japan's first satellite launch.

  • The well-known Nissan Skyline was originally produced by the Prince Motor Company.

  • In 1911, the company was born under the name of Kaishinsha Motor Car Works.

  • During the first World War, commercial operations were ceased, and Nissan only produced trucks and military vehicles.

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