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GAP Insurance for Toyota

Gap Insurance from InsuretheGap can provide you peace of mind by helping protect your investment for your Toyota. We could help you save hundreds of pounds compared to taking GAP Insurance direct from your dealer.

Our Key Features

  • Provides combined GAP protection for up to 4 years.

  • Pays £250 standard excess towards your comprehensive insurance.

  • Pays the gap between the invoice price of the vehicle, or the balance of outstanding finance: whichever is greater.

  • Available for private and business use.

If your Toyota vehicle is written off as a result of collision damage or theft, you could be faced with a significant shortfall if you haven’t taken out GAP Insurance. This is because the settlement received from your comprehensive motor insurance provider will only be based on the current market value of the vehicle and not what you originally paid for it.

InsuretheGap.com GAP Insurance for Toyota cars is designed to bridge this gap between what your motor insurance pays out and what you paid for your vehicle. At InsuretheGap, we can reimburse this shortfall to you so that you are not left out of pocket.

GAP Insurance for Toyota explained

Cost of vehicle £25,000

Insurance Pays £15,000

GAP Pays £10,000

Toyota GAP Insurance
With GAP Insurance you get the full £25,000

From its origins in Japan, Toyota’s history of success is built on commitment and innovation. It launched its first ever passenger car in 1936, and now has over 51 manufacturing plants overseas in 28 countries across the globe. Toyota continues to research into new ideas and technologies such as hydrogen fuel cell technology and battery electric vehicle technology and does this through its investments of £2 billion a year into its research.

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  • Policy options for new or used vehicle finance arrangements
  • Regularly more affordable than policies from car dealers & traders
  • Ideal for vehicles valued up to £150,000
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Toyota Did you know?

  • Toyota’s best-selling model in Europe is the Yaris.

  • Nearly 75% of all hybrids sold in the United States were Toyotas.

  • The Corona was the first Toyota car to be launched in the UK market in 1965 with a price tag of £777.

  • Toyota was a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works which specialised in manufacturing textile machinery.

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