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GAP Insurance for Vauxhall

If you own a Vauxhall or have recently purchased one using a finance agreement, we can help you protect your investment and provide comprehensive low-cost GAP Insurance for your vehicle usually at a more competitive price compared to your dealer.

Our Key Features

  • Provides combined GAP protection for up to 4 years.

  • Pays £250 standard excess towards your comprehensive insurance.

  • Pays the gap between the invoice price of the vehicle, or the balance of outstanding finance: whichever is greater.

  • Available for private and business use.

In the unfortunate event that your Vauxhall is damaged and written off as a result of collision or theft, your motor insurance provider will only pay out the amount that your vehicle is worth at the time of loss and not the value of the car when you originally purchased it. Consequently, you could be left significantly out of pocket.

This is where GAP Insurance can help. Our Vauxhall GAP Insurance can help bridge this gap between what your motor insurer pays and what you paid for the vehicle, thus reimbursing you for the shortfall.

GAP Insurance for Vauxhall

Cost of vehicle £25,000

Insurance Pays £15,000

GAP Pays £10,000

Vauxhall GAP Insurance
With GAP Insurance you get the full £25,000

Vauxhall began rolling out its first models off the manufacturing line in 1903. It has established itself as a brand known for its reliability amongst the British public and has become one of the most recognised and largest-selling car brands in the UK. Vauxhall had been a luxury car brand prior the Second World War, and gradually became more mass-market post war. It now offers an extensive range of vehicles and models varying from everyday passenger cars to commercial vehicles and even race cars.

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  • Policy options for new or used vehicle finance arrangements
  • Regularly more affordable than policies from car dealers & traders
  • Ideal for vehicles valued up to £150,000
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Vauxhall Did you know?

  • Vauxhall produced the world’s first sports car, the Vauxhall Prince Henry Sports Torpedo in 1914.

  • Prior to the Second World War, Vauxhall was considered a luxury car brand.

  • The first 70 cars that Vauxhall produced had forwards gears but no reverse gears.

  • Britain’s first 100mph car was a Vauxhall – the Vauxhall 30-98 .

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